Sunday, November 18, 2007

Celebrating 18

Today an interesting conjuction of numbers occured. I turned 18 yesterday. Rebekah is turning 19 tomorrow. We are the same age for about a day and a half, and this year it happens that we are both 18 on the 18th.

Being college students, we use any excuse to celebrate, and an 18 Party seemed just the thing to break the monotony of studying. So we made plans to catch a bus down to Bob Evans after Mass.

It took us a good 20 minutes of standing at the bus stop in the cold before we realized that the busses do not run on Sundays.

So we began the walk from the top of the hill to downtown Steubenville. Rebekah led the way. Although I have been to the Steubenville Bob Evans several times and Rebekah, poor deprived thing, has never set foot in any Bob Evans, I was far less sure of the way than she. I am using the excuse that I have always gone by car and things really do look different as you are trudging along the sidewalk with frozen fingers because the San Diegan remembered to bring gloves and you did not.

But I digress...we arrived at the restaurant around 1:00, thereby avoiding the lunch rush (silver lining, folks) and were seated almost immediately. The food was absolutely delicious, and the conversation was also pleasant, although now Rebekah knows that I'm a Trekkie. Apparently I don't look like a Trekkie. What do Trekkies look like?

The walk back seemed far shorter than the walk there, in part because I now knew where I was going and in part because it was in fact shorter--someone happened to be going up the hill just as we were starting that long journey and offered us a ride.

Such was my birthday celebration. I spent the remainder of the afternoon studying for a test tomorrow.

Given the subject of this post, I think I would be quite remiss if I didn't end by wishing a very happy birthday to Dr. Coyle. This is the week for birthdays, it seems (Rebekah's theory is that it's nine months after Valentine's Day).

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Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Haaaaaaaaappy birthday!

(Why didn't you bring it to my attention before? I could've told you in person in the caf'! But silly me, berating you is no thing to do at a time like this.)

By the way, Trekkies generally are recognised sorta the way LotR-ers are: they usually have some article of clothing or accessory related to their thing, and/or some manner of speech or quote that they often use from it. I've drifted through the outskirts of the Trekkie world much as I do many things...