Monday, November 19, 2007

A Glimpse Into My Conversations

Durnhelm and I were just IMing each other, and although I really should get off the internet I can't help but share a small sampling of the topics we covered:

-being overachievers
-being unable to take one's own advice
-embarassing moments
-ille v. hoc
-my birthday
-the abortion clinic
-holiday plans
-The Great American Novel
-store-bought versus homemade
-how we call things "gods" without really meaning it
-the f word
-[the expressions 'ye gods' and 'fie' cropped up regularly throughout the rest of the conversation]
-Carthagenian (the language)
-the subjuctive in Spanish
-semi-deponent verbs (in Latin)
-my Spanish class
-political correctness
-the American and British pronunciations of the word "schedule"
-how I have a tendency to go off on tangents
-how your perspective changes over the years--a character in a book who seemed so old and mature 10 years ago is a baby now
-sagacious baboons
-we are crazy
-we are psychic
-we are writing stories and talk to the characters in our heads
-we are crazy
-some stuff about real-life people that I won't blog
-how there's a Pirates quote for every occasion

Are we not awesome?

1 comment:

Dernhelm said...

Random conversations are the best in life. Note how the sagacious baboon often begins with random conversation to lead to enlightenment... ahhhh. Lol.