Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jesus Rejoiced

There is this passage in the Gospels which I cannot find now but it goes something like, "Then Jesus rejoiced and said, 'Blessed are you, Father, for you have hidden these things from the wise but have revealed to little ones the mysteries of your kingdom.' "

What is this secret, that little ones know and we don't? Along with Chesterton, I think that perhaps the greatest mystery of God is His mirth. It is perhaps a little strange to think of a God who laughs, but why not?

The mystery that little ones have....A couple of weeks ago I was watching 2 toddlers. One stole a toy from her brother and he tried to get it back. They began chasing each other around the room, and a few moments later they were laughing. It had become a game.

Children cry more than adults do, and their sorrows are often very little. But they also laugh more than adults do, and over smaller things. There was another time I was watching the same little girl and we spent a solid ten minutes playing a spontaneous game: she would stand behind me. I would turn and look at her. She would laugh and then run around behind me, and the game would start over. It was great fun and by the end of it we were both laughing.

Perhaps that is the mystery of the kingdom, the thing that we are too wise to understand. We do not understand that it is a Godly thing to know how to laugh.


Anonymous said...

Matthew 11:25-27

Google to the rescue.


Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Mmmmm, I thought 'twas merely that adulthood tends so much to focus on the wrong things, or else that the littlest of children depends totally on others for its care and that's how we have to be towards God. If you want to laugh, though, I recommend you meet a certain one of my younger brothers sometime, or perhaps all of them, and frequently visit the blogs of "Cow" Shea (which I linked recently) and The Shrine of the Holy Whapping (if I haven't linked that yet, remind me and I will).