Saturday, November 17, 2007

Little Ones

Yes, I'm posting on kids again. They're fascinating creatures, these short people who notice stuff big people don't.

Like this morning, I went to Pittsburgh and prayed outside an abortion clinic for two hours. I think I expected it to be a little more remarkable, but really there aren't any overall impressions I have of it, except of course that it was rather wretchedly cold.

I realized this evening that the reason I felt like nothing happened was because no one really noticed us. There were a couple dozen people who walked past us standing there in the middle of the sidewalk but nobody stopped. Hardly anybody even looked.

The only person who took any real notice was about 4 years old. I'll say "he", though I don't know boy or girl because little kids really sound the same and he and his mother were walking along behind me. this little kid is walking past he says, "What are they doing?" in this astonished little voice and his mother says quickly, "They're praying to end abortion." and then they walk on past. I imagine there was a long question-and-answer session on the way home.

Why is it that everybody else just went right past? Did any of those people, walking along downtown Pittsburgh on a Saturday morning, allow themselves to ask, "What are they doing?"

Are they afraid of the answer?

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