Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Dad on Militant Atheism

How can one be both an atheist and "anti-God" at the same time? How can one be "anti-" something that purportedly doesn't exist? That's like saying you're against four-sided triangles.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever met an atheist who says that they are "anti-God" or are you just making assumptions? I've never seen the former, but I have seen atheists that are anti-belief-in-god and anti-certain-god-ideas. Belief in gods exists. Ideas about gods exist. There's nothing contradictory about not believing in gods, but finding belief in them to be bad and/or finding particular god-concepts to be problematic.

The Sojourner said...

The reference was to this article:
(Sorry for the long link, I'm bad at html)
Excerpt: "But Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists, worries over rumors that the film has been 'watered down' and is not anti-God, anti-Church
Granted it could be merely a poor paraphrase on the part of the reporter, which would be a shame because when you're debating things like this imprecision in speech only hinders discussion.

a different anonymous said...

Pullman has said he's atheist but has also said he wants to kill God, if I recall correct. There's either an imprecision on the part of the original speaker or else a direct contradiction.