Friday, November 16, 2007


I love days like this. Am I the only person who likes the smell of winter? I don't mean woodsmoke or anything like that. I mean that crisp smell that only comes on days like this, when it is just cold enough for there to be little snowflakes but not quite cold enough for them to stick.

I love days when it is not quite cold enough to need gloves or a hat, but cold enough that hot cocoa is like drinking heaven.

There is no deep conclusion to this. I'm just happy. I like November. This month and I were made for each other.


Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

I love this air's smell. I heartily agree with everything you wrote except... I like snow (as in lots of it on the ground) even better!! 8^) Ha ha ha, I dance from one extreme to the other; "I hate cold weather altogether and can't stand it!" then "I LOVE all this and THE MORE SNOW WE GET THE HAPPIER I'LL BE!!" Hmm, somehow I expect I've just alienated everyone who has to drive up to campus...

The Sojourner said...

The syntax here is subtle.

I said that I like the smell of days when it's not quite cold enough for the snow to stick.

I did not say I mind days when the snow does stick. In fact: bring it on! Even after 2 winters of being a paper carrier I love snow.