Monday, November 12, 2007

Talking to the Crickets

Hello, nonexistent readers!

I know there will be no one reading this for a while, but I think it's fun to make the pretty posts appear (good grief, I sound silly...) so I'll post anyway.

My name is Megan, and I will be 18 on Saturday. I'm a freshman at Franciscan University of Steubenville, studying Communication Arts and Theology.

I call this blog "But I Digress" because that is the most common phrase in my emails. I am always getting off topic and having to wrench myself back to the main point. Alas, it is like that in my spiritual life as well. I will be all set to make progress in holiness, and then something will distract me and off I go. After a while God heaves a sigh, goes chasing after me, and plops me back down at the foot of the Cross.

My family consists of Mom, Dad, and Sister. They have names, of course, but this is the internet, people. We live in a smallish town in the middle of nowhere. For the purposes of this blog I will call it "the Polis". I have been studying Greek literature this semester and the polis is more than just a town. It is the whole world for its inhabitants. Since I love my hometown that much, I think the name appropriate. VERY IMPORTANT: If you should happen to know my last name and/or any part of my "permanent mailing address" (as the college applications put it), please keep these off the web. I would like to maintain a certain level of anonymity.

My two best friends are the Greek Geek and the Captain. They call themselves these things. The Greek Geek is a sophomore at a college far, far away. She likes Greeks. (All gasp in shock at this revelation.) She actually likes Romans better, but "Roman" doesn't rhyme with "geek". The Captain is a sophomore at another college even farther away (as in, on the other side of the country...wah!). She likes boats and martial arts and being an Eastern Catholic. I had no idea there were any such things as Eastern Catholics until I met her.

Such is the landscape of my life. Posts on this blog will be whatever pops into my head. Perhaps it will be profound. Perhaps it will be silly. Perhaps it will be so boring that your eyeballs bleed. I don't promise to post every day (or even every week) because I have a life and it's not blogging. This is just a way for me to organize my thoughts and have an outlet for the random things I think of. Then the poor Greek Geek will not get 5 emails a day from me, and she can focus on studying old dead guys.


DrC said...

I'm very confused because of your post. I began reading and found out I'm a nonexistent reader. Please, tell me how I can change this and become an existent reader! I'll be older than 18 on my birthday on Sunday - but only, I guess, if I exist by then.

The Sojourner said...

I wrote this post before anybody knew about the blog. So, at the time my readers were nonexistent.

So, how did you get here?