Sunday, December 9, 2007

Captain Quotes

From my friend in the Pacific Northwest:

"What would a cake taste like if you tried to make it without eggs?"
"At least the batter will be okay to lick, since it doesn't have eggs in it."
[Upon unexpectedly discovering a carton of eggs]
"Great! Now my batter will be unhealthy!"

"Oh, the flooding wasn't bad. Nothing got...Well, a few things got swept away, but it really wasn't that bad."

"...and the roads were all closed because the rain pretty much washed them out. So then I got bored and went for a walk."


Andrea said...

The dough would taste disgraceful; even if the eggs are hard to beat they need to be in there. When you get this, I do hope you don't think disgraceful is rude. I mostly added it for emphasis.

The Sojourner said...

No, disgraceful is not rude.
According to Mom there is a way to make cake without eggs, though. I don't think it would have worked in this situation because she was using a boxed cake mix but it can be done.

Dernhelm said...

I believe a form of oil can be substituted for eggs. My grandma did it once with me about 10 yrs ago when we made cookies together.

That last bit about going for a walk was SOOO Captain, haha.