Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Life in Bullet Points

  • I spent Saturday and Sunday at my grandmother's (Dad's mom). Although Grandma is quite tech-savvy and does have high-speed internet access, to have updated the blog would violate Rule #792, which states, "Thou shalt not update thine blog when thou shouldst be socializing with thine relatives."
  • I flagrantly violated Rule #18, which states, "Thou shalt not read books nor any form of written material when thou shouldst be socializing with thine relatives."
  • Can I help it if they give me books? How am I supposed to not read with 4 shiny new books staring me in the face? That's like pouring a glass of champagne, setting it in front of an alcoholic, and telling him, "You can't drink that until Monday."
  • I got to see my cousin, who is fifteen (fifteen!) and has a boyfriend (a boyfriend!). I am flabbergasted. Why, I was learning to write the alphabet before she was even mobile. (I learned to write my alphabet pretty young--but that's another story.)
  • I did not get to see my cousin who is seventeen, which is too bad because I wanted to lord it over him that I'm a legal adult and he's not. (Yes, I'm sweet. Holiday cheer, people.) You see, this particular cousin is 60 days my junior. I was born in November and he was born in January, so when we see each other on Christmas I'm legally a year older than he is and I've rubbed that in every chance I got ever since he went and got taller than I against strict orders not to do so.
  • I read Stranger in a Strange Land over the weekend. (In the car, not while visiting.) To borrow Heinlein's phrase, I do not grok it. When I have grokked in fullness I shall write a review and we can have a lovely time discussing it.
  • We are going to Michigan to visit my mother's kindred over this next weekend. If you accidentally wandered into my uncle's house you might mistake it for a Radio Shack, so I have no doubt there will be internet. Nonetheless, I will probably have to obey Rule #792.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Christian said...

Michigan? Really? Did you know that Michigan is the best state? Well, now you know. Almost creepy knowing that you'll be in my neck of the woods . . .

The Sojourner said...

Michigan the best state? Teehee. You and I should talk football sometime.

Christian said...

Hate football. Love hockey. Nuff said ;-)