Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Pacific Northwest

Anyone who hasn't heard of this already--please pray for people in the Pacific Northwest who are experiencing very bad storms right now. In particular I would like to ask for prayers for the Captain and her family and for various of Durnhelm's relatives.

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Dernhelm said...

Yeah, I've been keeping in touch. Apparently the road to Olympia is blocked by a few huge trees that fell across the highway... both ways. Those are huge trees. Also, the Harbor is out of power and has no water. And the huge hill on the entrance to the harbor had a mudslide and is blocking the road. My old neighborhood is flooded down the hill. The earliest the Harbor will get power is Friday. Thankfully the maritime climate isn't too cold, at least. And since power outages are frequent winter occurences, most of the hospitals and senior homes have generators, as do many families. But keep 'em in your prayers; this was a bad storm.