Saturday, December 8, 2007


Today at lunch I was sitting with a girl from my Honors class and we were discussing (of course) the final. Specifically, we were attempting to figure out our respective positions in the alphabetical order of the class. I'm 5th, in case you're curious. As near as we could figure at the moment, the girl to whom I was speaking is 7th. In between us is J.

Now, I've posted on J. before, so you might, dear readers, have figured out by now that I consider him to be on a pinnacle of Classical knowledge far beyond what I shall ever achieve. Imagine my befuddlement when my lunch companion sighed, "Great, I'm going to be right after you and J." How could anyone possibly speak of me and J. as if we were close enough to be in the same category?

Apparently not everybody agrees with my assessment of my abilities.

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Christian said...

*points finger* False humility! ;-)

Actually I know the feeling . A fellow homeschooler of mine, J. (not your J.!), is fifteen years old, yet has studied latin, spanish, chemistry, physics, and got a 36 on his ACT. Only five others (I think) in the state got a 36 on their ACT. Despite being a freshman in college, I definately consider J. my intellectual superior - even in a different category. Yet people say things like, "You and J. are the two smartest kids I know" all the time. I certainly wish I were in the same category of brainy-ness as J. but it just ain't so.