Sunday, December 2, 2007

Philosophers have it rough

During a three-way IM last night:

9:15:15 PM Emily: Socrates said that men have the best of worlds

9:15:28 PM Emily: Because if they marry a beautiful wife, they have a gorgeous companion

9:15:44 PM TheBaroness: And if not they become philosophers

9:15:51 PM Emily: Hahaha, exactly

9:15:58 PM TheBaroness: I think we all know that one

9:16:19 PM The Cobbler: It's one of my favorites.

9:16:32 PM The Cobbler: My question is what if I was already a philosopher?

9:16:41 PM TheBaroness: Then you have to marry a beautiful woman

9:16:45 PM TheBaroness: Tough luck

9:16:48 PM Emily: Yeah

9:16:52 PM The Cobbler: XD

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