Monday, December 10, 2007

Trained Response

Does anybody else have their mother inside their head? By that I mean do you ever find yourself, say, in a situation where you are having a good old time sitting on the back of a chair, yakking with your friends, and you hear your mother say, "You shouldn't sit there, the chair will tip over." This even though your mother is 300-odd miles away at the time.

A few minutes ago I was sitting here in my chair (in the chair, not perched on the back, mind you) not studying and thinking that I really ought to study but I don't want to because I'm bored. At those two magic words, the Internal Mother popped up and said, "Why don't you clean your room?" As if she can see the fact that my garbage is overflowing and the top of my desk is once again proving the law of entropy.

Does this happen to anyone else?


Christian said...

only every day

Dernhelm said...

That quasi-mother voice assails my poor mind so often that occassionally I have to call my mom to ask her to tell me to relax once in a while, haha.

... Of course, half of the time quasi-mother was right on target with real mother who insists I do laundry and study for the next three hours, groan!