Friday, January 11, 2008

Blogging may be light

Schedule for 1-14-08:

6:00 AM: Wake up
6:30 AM: Mass
7:00 AM: Breakfast
7:30 AM: Free time
8:30 AM: Load backpack
8:45 AM: Leave for class
9:00 AM: Introduction to Physical Anthropology
10:00 AM: Christian Moral Principles
11:00 AM: Newspaper meeting (buy books before if time)
11:30 AM: Buy books
11:35? AM: Load backpack. If late, get granola bar and cashews.
11:40? AM: Eat lunch
12:00 PM: Spanish 202
1:00 PM: Media and Society
2:30 PM: Free time
3:15 PM: Load backpack
3:30 PM: Honors 102 (Greeks and Romans)
5:45 PM: Dinner
6:30 PM: Fall over dead


Scott, yes, the real Scott said...

I could have told you not to put so many classes in one day; I did first semestre and barely survived.

The Sojourner said...

Well, last semester I had a 3-2-3-2-2 schedule, and it drove me insane. So now I'm trying a 5-0-5-0-3 schedule and seeing what happens.

Christian said...

Wow looks like you're even busier than me! Though I plan on adding morning mass to my list.