Monday, January 14, 2008

How it turned out


6:00 AM: Woke up
6:30 AM: Stood in front of the chapel and blinked stupidly at the sign saying "Mass 10:30 in Fieldhouse--only Mass of the day".
6:35 AM: Made notes on Plato's Meno.
7:00 AM: Went to breakfast. I'm not sure how it came up, but I asked, "Does anybody happen to know how to put a memory card in a digital camera?" One of them suggested looking next to the battery slots.
7:30 AM: Went back to the dorm and discovered that there is a narrow rectangular slot next to the battery slots in my camera. Inserted memory card in said slot.
7:35 AM: The next hour was spent intermittently attempting to get an internet connection. I am insane, obviously, since I tried the same thing over and over expecting different results.
8:30 AM: The library opens at 8:30. I signed into the computer lab at 8:32. I was then able to check my email. My name is Megan, and I am an email addict.
9:00 AM: Introduction to Physical Anthropology. It was basically an overview of the syllabus.
10:00 AM: Christian Moral Principles. Padre (he was my Spanish prof last semester and I can't not call him that) basically called the roll and then let us go. It was funny to have the opening prayer in English.
10:15 AM: I arrived in the JC, bought my books, checked my mail, etc, etc.
11:00 AM: I attended the staff meeting for the student newspaper. Good news: I wasn't dreaming that I got hired as layout editor. Bad news: my fellow layout editor and I can't go on the March for Life. :( At least I'm not the only one who wanted to go and can't because he/she has to do layout. (Misery loves company.) I also got a story assignment. Just because I'm married to layout editing doesn't mean I can't continue my love affair with feature writing. :)
11:15 AM: I get to the Caf for lunch.
11:30 AM: After a leisurely meal I set off for my next class.
12:00 PM: Spanish 202. I like Doctora almost as much as I liked Padre, so that's good. I was sad about leaving Padre. The weird thing is that Spanish is in the same room as last semester, just an hour earlier. I am going to have to strive mightily to master my absent-mindedness, or I am going to show up for Padre's 1:00 class and thereby miss my next class.
1:00 PM: Media and Society. I think this is going to be a good class. Intense, but good.
2:30 PM: I called OIT and got them to fix my internet. They do. I will never make snarky comments about OIT again.
2:40 PM: Cocoa break!
3:30 PM: Honors, with a nice doctora who makes me think of what Durnhelm will be like in 15 years. Today she just explained how the course is going to work, we didn't have to do any readings--which is good because nobody ever assigned us any readings.
4:15 PM: I survived! This five classes in one day isn't too bad.
5:00 PM: Dinner with Rebekah and some other people.
After dinner: Knitting circle with Rebekah and some other people. Very fun.

Now I am going to bed. Goodnight, all.


Dernhelm said...

Glad to hear the day was not so brutally long and tiresome as anticipated! Your Honors doctura sounds interesting, haha. Give her my warmest "salve"! :D

Christian said...

Sorry you can't go to the march. Hmm, wait a minute . . . that means that when my bus stops at Steubenville on the way back from the march, we'll be on the Same campus and the Same time.


Goren said...

"My name is Megan, and I am an email addict."

Well confession is good for the Soul and u confessed at least!!!! LOL