Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Looking Up

Some moments of my day:

In Anthropology, the professor was attempting to illustrate a point about heredity and asked, "How many people here come from families with more than 5 children?" About a third of the class raised their hands. Only at Franciscan...

In Communications, the professor was telling us about our group presentations and I asked, "Is there an ideal length for these?" To answer he told the following story:

There once was a philosophy professor who took a chair, put it on top of
his desk, and said to his students, "Prove to me this chair doesn't

Immediately the students begin scribbling furiously. After about a minute
one student gets up and hands in his paper to the professor. The professor is
amused to see the student's response:

"What chair?"

If you can make your point in 2 words, why go on for 5 pages?

Coming back to the dorm after Communications, I reflected on the fact that I was happy. I was not happy for any particular reason--just generally happy. There's no way to explain that except that the hand of God is carrying me.

In Honors class, the professor was outlining the condemnation of Socrates. One of the things for which he was condemned was "Thinking of things aloft."

If that's a crime, I'd rather stand condemned with Socrates than be accepted by the whole world.


Christian said...

So are you saying that if I, the oldest of seven, go to Franciscan then I would actually be normal? Gee, I've always wondered what it would be like to be normal . . . could be fun. Though I wouldn't have the pleasure of explaining to people that, yes, if you have more than two children you aren't going to blow up.

The Sojourner said...

That's exactly what I'm saying. The only time I feel out of place here is when people start talking about their family size--at Franciscan, a family of 2 is seen as a little odd. :)