Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where is everybody?

When I went to Mass this morning it was practically deserted.

The cafeteria was oddly empty.

I hardly passed anyone as I walked around campus attending to various things.

Where are they? Most of them are in Washington DC on the March for Life. It seems like 90% of campus is gone, but it's probably less than that. I think in previous years it's been something like 400 or 500 people, so at most it's a fourth of campus.

I feel lonely and out-of-place today, with all those people gone. Yet I realized as I sat at Mass that everybody my age, indeed everybody under the age of 34, should feel this way every single day.

A fourth of our generation is gone. People who might have sat next to you at church, in the cafeteria, at class--they aren't there. Next time you see an empty desk in the classroom, an empty chair at the table, an empty spot in the pew, maybe you can think about the fact that somebody ought to be sitting there. Maybe you can ask yourself, Where is everybody?

Maybe you can ask yourself, Why aren't they here?