Saturday, March 29, 2008

Open Mic

Last night, the Cobbler's IM was working again, so he and I were chatting about topics ranging from whether Calvin ought to have been homeschooled to how one discerns God's will for one's life (yes, we are awesome in our conversational randomness). After a while the Cobbler mentions that he is heading down to Lower Campus for Open Mic and in a fit of impulsivity I ask if I can tag along.

Spontanaeity really is fun. I walked down with the Cobbler and a few of his friends and was entertained by a long and detailed story from the craziest one in the bunch (who happens to be a very good singer, interestingly enough). I then spent the next 3 hours sipping a strawberry smoothie and listening to my fellow students sing with varying levels of skill. From what I gathered, anybody can sign up for Open Mic and then they just go through everybody on the list in order and no matter who you are you can get ten minutes in which to showcase your musical abilities.

Because I had accidentally left my watch in my room, I wasn't even aware of time passing for most of the night. The Cobbler did spend some time attempting to do homework (he has truly amazing powers of concentration if he was able to focus on "Software Engineering Tip 9.1" with the noise level in the room), so I could tell what time it was from his computer clock, but once he put his computer away it could have been 3 in the morning and I wouldn't have noticed. Around 11:30-ish, during a break between songs, we had a conversation that went like this:

Scott: I remember when you would have said it was past your bedtime an hour ago.

Me: I'm older now.

Scott: [laughs] I think I'm just infecting you with my nocturnalism.

Me: Well, if I succeed in infecting you with my morning-person-ism*, then neither of us will ever sleep.

Scott: We'll just have to be like the Mexicans and sleep in the middle of the day.

Me: Siesta!

Altogether, very random, a little crazy, very fun, and the perfect way to get away from homework for a few hours. I must try this again sometime.

*I know, a very obviously made-up word, but it was past my bedtime.


Christian Ohnimus said...

I've wanted to attend FUS for years now, but since I've discovered both your blog and Scott's I just can't wait to transfer!

Now, for the whole reason I'm here: I have no idea why the song is called That Green Gentleman. What I do know is that I like the song and That Green Gentleman made a better blog name than anything I could come up with on my own - mainly because all the names I, or anyone else, could think up involved either "dork" , "nerd", "geek", or something else along those lines.

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

"he has truly amazing powers of concentration..."

Actually, my concentration is something haywirey, but I my little siblings have gifted me with amazing powers of being undisturbed in the face of loudness...