Thursday, April 10, 2008


I've wanted, the past couple days, to write a post about recent happenings, but so far I'm finding it quite impossible. So many of the things are meant to be pondered in my heart, not posted here; and the things that could be are even more indescribable. What words are there for how the beautiful weather matches the springtime in my soul? What words are there for how even in the midst of the stresses of finishing up my first year of college, my life is filled to overflowing with incredible joy? As I ponder all these things, my little writer's heart is eventually compelled to admit that sometimes there are no words.


Rebekah said...

You're so cute when you're in love!
(just kidding!)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I remember well the beauty of springtime on my college campus. Somehow it made the stress of all those tests more bearable!

Thank you for your comment today and for your prayers. Please be assured of mine--we need "geeky Catholic" young adults like yourself! ;)

PS. I had the privilege of attending the Easter vigil at Steubenville when my oldest was in utero. He's ten now...but the memories are still vivid.