Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Piece of the Puzzle

Last night the Servants had Senior Honoring, in which we did sweet and silly things for the two girls who are graduating in less than three weeks--including my "big sister" (whom I will miss terribly).

The schedule included dinner, which was a team effort by various people. I helped make the cake. After we had eaten, the dining room and kitchen were both cleared in an amazingly short amount of time. When you have about a dozen girls working things do go pretty quickly, but I was still amazed by the speed of cleanup and commented to that effect. One of my sisters replied, "Yep, we're the Marthas." I thought, But aren't we the Marys too?

I didn't say it out loud because as soon as I thought it I realized the answer is yes. And as soon as I realized that I was struck dumb by the sudden realization, This is why.

You see, I've been asked probably twenty times in the past few weeks why I chose the Servants as my household, and the best answer I could give was because being with them felt like being home.

Now I think I know why. It has always been a personal paradox of mine that I have a very introverted, contemplative temperament; yet God is calling me to serve Him in the world. I could never quite figure out how that worked.

My sisters might not have the answer to my puzzle, but they are seeking the answer to the same paradox--how do you be a Servant to others while still contemplating the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus? In other words, how do you do the work of Martha while staying, like Mary did, ever at the feet of Christ?

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