Saturday, May 3, 2008


Well, my dear readers, I just emerged triumphant from my Honors final and am too euphoric to start studying for Anthropology, so I am going to grace you with a post. Admittedly, there won't be much original content, but I have been studying my little brains out.

First, a post which I found quite amusing: Like Father Like Son at the Postmodern Papist. I think my favorite part was this:

She never ran away screaming, even after I confirmed myself as a card-carrying
nerd by played her orchestrated music from Final Fantasy.

Considering that Scott courts me with such as this, it was interesting to note that I am not the only woman in the history of the world who had the Final Fantasy songs as the background music to her romance. I also found the picture at the end of the post absolutely adorable. That's probably a good thing, considering that my kids are likely to toddle their way over to a Playstation long before I get them out of diapers.

The second post was We Need a New Motto at The Better Part. I first had to get the Cobbler to reassure me that I am "amazingly good" at not leading my brothers into temptation with how I dress. Then I got to thinking. There is an idea that has been percolating in the back of my mind for a while, and it is this: Modesty is an act of love. I mean, think about it. If I love Scott that means I want him to be happy. Getting to Heaven will make him happy. I do not, therefore, want to do anything that would cast stumbling-blocks along his road to Heaven. Furthermore, I want him to be as happy as possible while on this earth, and if you've known Scott for any length of time you'll figure out that the sight of half-dressed females is not his idea of an enjoyable thing (Just ask, "Scott, do you like going to the beach?"). Anyway, what I was saying was that when I dress and conduct myself modestly, I'm not just doing it because I respect myself, or because I don't want guys lusting after me. I'm doing it because it's something that a writer who is sometimes no good with words can do to say "I love you."


Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

"...the sight of half-dressed females is not his idea of an enjoyable thing (Just ask, "Scott, do you like going to the beach?")."
Indeed, not even because I don't find a woman's body beautiful, but rather because I do and respect both them and myself too much to let myself risk falling down a path of destructive obsession with said beauty. Rather like how one does not, to enjoy a flower garden, go sitting in it, lest one ruin the flowers one ought to enjoy.

Theocentrica said...

modesty as an act of love- that's a powerful, powerful thought. ^_^