Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 1986

If you are very observant and/or spend way too much time reading my blog (in the latter case, you should try Plato or Aquinas or somebody else who writes intelligent things instead of rotting your brain on my blog) you may have noticed that I altered the "About Me" in the sidebar slightly. Previously, it said that I live with "my parents (who have been married almost 22 years)". Now it says, "my parents (who have been married 22 years)".

I was planning on writing a deep and profound post, but I'm not up to that today (again, I suggest the great philosophers if you want consistent deep thought) so I'll just say Happy Anniversary and Thank You to the two people who gave me life and give me an example of what real love is supposed to look like.

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Dernhelm said...

Tell your parents happy Anniversary for me and my fam! It was kind of funny -- I stared at your title for a moment and was like "What happened 22 years ago? Megan wasn't even born yet!" Haha, but the first step to your existence was taken!