Sunday, May 18, 2008

Project Domestic Conquest: Day Eleven

Are you curious, dear readers, as to how my Domestic Conquest is going? The answer to that is "fairly well". I've been getting practice at grocery shopping and cooking; clothes shopping still results in wailing and gnashing of teeth. We'll get there.

Meanwhile, I am learning the invaluable skill of hair-cutting. This might not seem like a Domestic Challenge at first glance, but when you have half a dozen little ones you don't want to spend $10 a head getting them trimmed up. So this morning I cut my dad's hair, with Mom's supervision and assistance. Afterwards Mom suggested that if I really wanted to complete the Hair Cutting Challenge I would have to practice on someone other than Dad, as his hair...has some unique qualities, shall we say, that make cutting it slightly different than what one might otherwise do for a man's hair. On that topic, however, I shall say no more.

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