Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Project Domestic Conquest: Day Nineteen

Yesterday's accomplishment: spontaneous cleaning! I saw some cobwebs adorning our living room ceiling yesterday and they annoyed me so much that I just had to go get our fur-duster (like a feather-duster but fuzzy) and take care of it. Those who know me (as the girl who can sit in her favorite chair reading a book for hours on end and not notice the fact that the corner in which the favorite chair sits is an absolute warren of dust bunnies) will realize why my mother was so shocked and amazed. My dad was pretty shocked and amazed too.

On today's task list: My mother wants me to clean my room, put away my laundry, etc., etc. But I'm escaping after lunch for a rather spontaneous (as in, preceded by only three days of planning) trip to Scott's house. I'm going to be seriously sick of the car by the time I get back (late tonight) but I'll get to see Scott so it will be worth it.

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