Sunday, May 11, 2008


First of all, I think I could get over my dislike of talking on the phone if having Scott on the other end became a regular thing. He called Friday night to ask what he should wear Saturday evening...and hung up an hour and a half later.

Early Saturday afternoon my grandma (Dad's mom) arrived and we socialized for a few hours before leaving for the Big City, where we picked up Scott. I thought that I was just going to pop in, grab him, and get back to the car. Instead, we all went in and ended up chatting with Scott's family for about 20 minutes. Part of Scott's family, I should say, since his dad and one of his younger brothers weren't home. I did get to say hi again to his mother (whom I haven't seen since Leap Day) and meet three of his younger siblings, including his baby sister (she's eight; I use "baby" in the relative sense) who is absolutely adorable. I honestly think that was my favorite part of the evening, watching Scott interact with her. She brings out a side of him I hadn't seen before and very much enjoy. The Sister seems to like her a lot; but then she always has an affinity for small children and prefers them to the company of her chronological peers. Meanwhile Scott's mom became my mom's New Best Friend. My mom can make a New Best Friend standing in line at the grocery store, but it still made me happy that they get along so well.

Finally we tore Mom away from her tour of their homeschool room and the six of us (Dad, Mom, Grandma, Sister, Scott, and I) piled back in the van and drove to this very unique sort of restaurant which was also a theater. So we ate and conversed and watched West Side Story. I rather enjoyed it. It's been a while since I saw a play. Then we drove Scott home and I walked him to the door, which was a little weird for the simple reason that pretty much every time we've been together before this it ends with him walking me to my door. Despite the strange role reversal, that was also a nice little moment. Then I slept most of the way home. The end.

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Theocentrica said...

"I thought that I was just going to pop in, grab him, and get back to the car." actually thought you could do that? *grin*