Wednesday, May 14, 2008

'Tis the season...

...for wrong-number calls from people trying to schedule an appointment with the tanning salon. This is such a common error that at one point last spring Mom added to our standard message the sentence: "If you are trying to reach [tanning salon] you must dial [number which is slightly different from ours]."

While we are on the subject of phones, can I just say "Woe is me"? Scott's internet has been broken since he got home. Investigation by Resident Tech Support (that's what I call my dad sometimes, Scott's dad is about the same when it comes to computers) has discovered that it is very broken. Whether it is fixable or not I don't know, but for the time being long IM conversations are not an option. So long phone calls are now in vogue. Except last night my cell phone decided to run out of batteries in the middle of a conversation. And my charger is lost somewhere in the piles of junk littering my bedroom. So for the time being I am limited to tying up the home phone if I want to contact my boyfriend. Woe.

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