Thursday, May 22, 2008


I have a cold. I am not happy about this, and my family can tell you that I'm letting everyone know it.

The funny thing is I'm usually the other way--I don't mention aches or pains or other funny things until well after they've passed the point of becoming serious (fortunately I'm not prone to getting seriously sick or this might have gotten me into trouble). My philosophy can be summed up as: "If you can stand, you're not sick."

Perhaps I am whining especially now because the one time in my life I can recall being so sick I literally couldn't stand up was this past February. However, I was at school then so I just slept for a few hours, dragged myself out of bed, and got through all 5 of my classes (it was a Wednesday) and somehow survived until the weekend arrived and I could get enough sleep to bring myself back up to a functional level of consciousness. Now that I'm at home where I have the leisure to whine about being sick, I'm taking full advantage of it even though I'm not really "sick" by my standards.

Now I must go and get some shoes on so Mom, Sister, and I can take a little road trip. We'll be gone most of the day. Then the whole family is traveling to see relatives over the weekend. We'll be gone from Friday to Monday, and I can pretty much guarantee there will be no blogging because any free time I get (which won't be much) is going to be spent calling Scott.

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Kyle R. Cupp said...

Hope you're over that cold now.