Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This is unofficially the last day of the school year. I figure it counts because Scott and I both have our final finals today. Then my dad is going to come get us and drive us homewards. So the next time I write, dear readers, I will be home. I have a feeling that's going to do something to my posting frequency, but I'm not sure what. Either I'll start posting every day again, or you won't see me until June. So, until next time.

Today also happens to be exactly one month since I told Scott I would date him. Not that anybody's counting or anything.


Dernhelm said...

Oh dear. You're a counter, eh? Actually, doesn't really surprise me, it seems to fit with my Megan's impecable sense of calculation and order, hehe. I just have had some bad experience with calendar-focused couples. So make sure the date doesn't affect your dates. ;)

The Sojourner said...

Yes, counting is one of my many neuroses. So far Scott hasn't seemed to notice that his girlfriend is neurotic.

(Another one is worrying What I Might Be Doing Wrong. Thanks for feeding that one.)

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Counting is only problematic if you get fed up with me if I fail to count as consistently as you, so you probably needn't worry too much. That, and I am an obsessive problem-solver, so you probably in general need not worry about doing anything wrong.

I also seem to recall telling you how I like this one fictional conversation concerning how everyone is at least somewhat neurotic.

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...


Connie's Daughter said...

Now that the school year is finished, you'll have to change your "About Me" to read that you're a sophomore. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Congrats on completing your first year of college!