Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things that made me laugh

1. Sunday, Scott came over and I took him to the big, sprawling park that's down the hill from my house. We walked down a little road, and then down a smaller road, and then Scott wanted to go along a tiny dirt path and I wasn't too sure about that because I didn't know how we were going to get back after all the turning we'd been doing. He said, "Oh, we'll just go the rest of the way around the lake." Huh?

Sure enough, a few yards of additional walking revealed that we were on the opposite side of a narrow lake that bordered the Little Road mentioned above. After a while we crossed a bridge and got right back where we started. I was awed and amazed. Yes, I know. How many times have I been in that park? A few dozen. How many times has Scott been in that park? Counting Sunday, once.

It's a good thing one of us has a sense of direction.

2. At work today (I work at a pizza factory) we were cleaning up and I noticed that the rack for brooms and dustpans had a sign saying "INEDIBLE BROOMS/SHOVELS". The "Inedible", of course, refers to the bits of pizza that end up on the floor, either because they fall off the conveyor belt or becuase the workers notice some defect and toss them on the floor. For a moment, though, I read that sign as "These brooms and shovels are inedible."

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Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

You left out my conjuring up geometric terms and such to describe the principles by which I knew that we could go around the lake to get back where we started. 8^)

Also, I wonder, would there be brooms and/or shovels for stuff that's still edible? Methinks even with that interpretation you redeveloped there, said sign still's silly.