Saturday, August 2, 2008


The Sister, the Little Princess, and I watched Enchanted for the second time yesterday (okay, so it was LP's first time). I liked it even better this time than last. I think my problem the first time was that I was so used to the typical Disney Princess fare that I wasn't able to properly appreciate something which so defied my expectations.

First, I realized that Prince Edward is actually a really nice guy. I thought he was a bit egotistical the first time, but on second thought a) having healthy self-esteem isn't a bad thing and b) if he'd really been totally self-absorbed he wouldn't have gone to New York to rescue Giselle, he wouldn't have patiently followed her around all day on their date, he wouldn't have exhibited such genuine kindness and sweetness towards her, and most importantly he wouldn't have stepped aside when he realized that no power he possessed could save her in the end.

Second, I realized that Giselle wasn't quite the ditz she first seemed, either. I mean, first she falls for one guy within a day of meeting him, then she promptly falls for another guy within a few days of meeting him. A bit fickle, are we? But really, she wasn't. She was willing to go with Edward when he came for her; she only made the decision to stay after he let her go. Also, once I realized what a nice guy Edward was, I thought she ought to have married him anyway. Who wouldn't rather marry a prince than a lawyer? But that would have been wrong. Robert and Morgan needed her. Edward did love her, but he didn't really need her. You don't abandon people who need you.

Also, I think Nancy and Edward actually make a pretty cute couple. Edward needs a woman with a bit of spice--Giselle, with all her sweetness, could very well have fed his ego to unhealthy proportions. Nancy will let him be his noble knightly self, but she'll keep him in line too.

In other words, I like the movie. And I overanalyze things.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice analysis.


Immortal Philosopher said...

I sorta liked the movie...I loved how much it made fun of the cliches. It was brilliant in that regard...

I liked Nancy better than Giselle, actually. Don't know quite why..