Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh dear, another extrovert

The Little Princess loves talking on the phone.

Case in point: Last night Scott happened to call while I was in charge of the house. Naturally, Princess wants to know what I'm doing and starts climbing up my leg. I hand her the phone and she happily chirps "Hello". Then she stands there with an absolutely fascinated look on her face, occasionally chattering but mostly listening. Finally I decide that I want to talk to Scott and take the phone back. Princess begins wailing and yanking on my skirt. I put Scott on hold, find a handset, and stand on the other side of the baby gate talking--because I'm a meanie, you know, and don't let my little sister talk to my boyfriend for hours on end. She stands on a chair and wails. Then, because I'm obviously not understanding what she's trying to get across, she puts a hand to her ear (she'll occasionally wander around the house in this fashion, chirping "Hello" every now and then) and continues to fuss and glare indignantly.

Extroverted much, you think?

(She did quiet down and start playing with some plastic spoons after a while, and I didn't stay on the phone long anyway.)


Immortal Philosopher said...


None of my siblings like to talk on the phone, save Rachel, who will talk about nothing for several hours to her friends who live across the street...

Awww, Scott and Megan are so cuuute. =P

Theocentrica said...

They areeeeee. *g*

I hate phone calls, except from Ambrose. ^_^