Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Hab a Code

If I act crazier than usual the next week or so, it's because cold medicine makes me weird. I'm actually feeling better this morning; I have this wild hope that this cold might have been the short-lived variety but given my track record with colds this is probably just the peak effectiveness of my medicine and I'm going to be wretched again this afternoon.

However, my life has not been unmitigated respiratory wretchedness. For instance, yesterday Scott, Morgan, and I watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, which happens to be my Favorite Movie of All Time. Scott and Morgan both liked it. The funny thing was that I didn't actually remember the ending, even though I thought I did (I must have dozed off for the last few minutes or something), so I was in as much suspense as anyone else over how it would turn out.

After I escorted Scott out of the hall Morgan decided that it was time to fix her internet. I've been enabling our laziness by letting her use my computer whenever she needs an internet connection, but I must admit it was getting a little annoying to be forever going to Facebook and having it automatically fill in her email address. (I have a long email address, I don't like having to type it every time.) So Morgan followed the instructions for getting her computer onto the network and then I used my deep knowledge of the oddities of the internet here to reset her port. Then her internet worked. At that point she declared her undying love for me and subsequently had to clarify that yes she loved me before I fixed her internet, and no her love for me is not dependent on my computer skills. Once that was cleared up I went to sleep.

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