Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thumbs, Bananas, and Poetry

Yesterday at Principles of Biblical Studies (henceforth referred to as PBS), we had a very interesting discussion of Genesis 2. For instance, when the professor read Genesis 2:18, one of the boys shouted "Yay!" A few verses later, Dr. B read Adam's reaction to Eve's appearance. Only he didn't just read it, he sang it, and when the class laughed at him he said, "Look, it's in verse right there on your page. Before Eve came along, Adam was just like, 'Ohh, an opposable thumb! Hey, ape, pass me a banana! Look, I can grasp it!' Then Eve came along and he was Shakespeare." (All of this accompanied by appropriate gesticulations.)

I was recounting this story to Scott at dinner and he said, "If that had been me, I would have been composing poetry about thumbs and bananas and then when you came along as Eve I would have been like..." [he sits wordlessly with an astonished look on his face].

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