Thursday, October 30, 2008

Homework for this weekend, part 2

Just because I like making lists:

Read Books 11-13 of Augustine's Confessions (about 85 pages)
Continue to revise Honors essay (the professor gave us an extension because she's overwhelmed)

Read Chapters 9 & 10 of Jesus of Nazareth
Read various letters written by 4th-century bishops on the Arian heresy

Read about 20 chapters of 1 and 2 Kings (various excerpts, presumably the most interesting bits)
Read a chapter in my Bible textbook

Write 2 stories for News Reporting

This week I don't even have the excuse of midterms to explain why I have so much homework. This is just a typical half-week in the life of an Honors student. (All assignments are due Monday or Tuesday.)

My Family

Me, to the Princess: "You're weird."

Mom: "Don't call her weird."

Me: "Why not? I call Kitty weird all the time, do you want me to treat her differently than I would my biological sister?"

Mom: "Not when she was just two."

Me: "That's only because I wasn't born yet. Trust me, I was sitting in the womb thinking, 'You're weird'."

Saturday, October 25, 2008

God is good

It's not November yet, but I had to come back in order to report to you an amazing thing I just found out.

A few weeks ago, I heard from my household brother (who shall be pseudonymously called Happy because he almost always is) that a young man was taking the Eucharist from Catholic churches, desecrating it in various ways, and posting videos of the desecrations on YouTube.

Happy said that he watched 2 of the videos and couldn't watch any more because he was crying. I never watched any of them, partly because anything that made Happy cry would have reduced me to despondency, and partly because (as my boss pointed out) watching the videos just increases this guy's hit count, puts the video higher on the "recently viewed" list, etc.

Yesterday evening the Servants of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus (my household) and Tantum Ergo Sacramentum (the household to which Happy and the Cobbler, plus various others, belong) hosted a holy hour of reparation for the Eucharistic desecrations. Going by my rough head count, there were probably close to 200 people there. To put that in perspective, Franciscan only has about 2,300 students. So a decent percentage of the student body was spending a Friday night adoring the Eucharist as a way to atone for these desecrations.

The videos were taken down last night.

Friday, October 24, 2008

And then pigs flew around campus

I made an interesting discovery last night.

I like exercise.

I will here pause a moment to allow those people who have just fallen out of their chairs in shock (in other words, pretty much everyone who knows me even moderately well) to recover.

Better? Good.

You see, waaaay back when I first arrived in August, Morgan and I made a deal that if she got up to go to morning Mass with me, I would go jogging with her. She came to Mass that first week (and vowed never to do it again, although she since has with another friend). The last month or so my conscience has been smiting me because I gave my solemn oath that her valiant effort to get up early would be rewarded, and for almost 2 months it was not.

Last night the stars were all aligned and the two of us actually had a half-hour in which we were both free and not sleeping. So we put on our sneakers and set off down the Kolbe-Clare parking lot.

It was fun. I jogged all the way down the parking lot, and then we had to swerve to avoid a car and once I was on the grass I lost my momentum, so we speed-walked for a little while while I caught my breath; then we jogged almost the entire way up the Louie-Liz parking lot. Which is a long parking lot. And we were going uphill. So I'm pretty proud of myself, considering that it's the first time I've jogged (in the exercising sense) in my whole entire life.

And it was fun.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Homework for this weekend

~Look over the comments left by my Honors professor on the rough draft of my essay (before her office hours tomorrow, so that I can ask her to decipher her handwriting if necessary)
~Revise said essay
~Read Books 4-7 of Augustine's Confessions
~Prepare to lead discussion on Books 4-7 of Augustine's Confessions

~Read Chapter Eight of Jesus of Nazareth

~Read Divino Afflante Spiritu and Dei Verbum

~Finish writing the article I didn't have time to finish in today's News Reporting class
~Study for a quiz on related incident stories, how and when to use quotes, speech stories, and style (numbers and punctuation)

Forgive me if I don't post anything more substantial until Fall Break. (6 days! Yay!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

How Girly Are You?

I saw this on Facebook and thought it'd be funny:
(I wanted to add qualifiers to a lot of these--for instance, my swimsuit involves 2 pieces: a one-piece and atheletic shorts. Yet I get the feeling a "two-piece swimsuit" has different connotations.)

below 40 = not girly
above 40 = girly
above 55 = paris hilton

[ ] My fingernails/toenails are almost always painted.
[ ]During the summer i pretty much only wear flip flops
[ ] My favorite toy as a child were barbies.
[ ] My favorite color is pink or purple.
[x] I did Gymnastics.
[x] I love skirts/shorts.
[ ] Hollister is (one of) my favorite place to shop.
[ ] Tight jeans are the only jeans I'll wear.
[x] I love chocolate.


[ ] I straighten my hair.
[x] I have at least 8 facebook pictures.
[ ] I usually go shopping once a week.
[x] I love to hang out with friends.
[ ] I've gone to a tanning salon.
[ ] I've gone to the beach to tan - not to swim.
[ ] I have at least 10 pairs of shoes.
[ ] I watch either The OC, Laguna Beach OR Desperate Houswives.
[ ] I change my profile weekly.
[ ] I have worn a shower cap.


[ ] I would NEVER step foot into Hot Topic.
[ ] My cell phone might as well become a part of me.
[ ] I wear mascara everyday.
[ ] Bathing suits are adorable.
[ ] I don't know the difference between a sheep and a goat.
[ ] Big sunglasses are hot.
[ ] I have gotten my nails done.
[ ] I own over 10 purses.
[ ] MuchMusic is my one of my favorite channels.


[x] I like to talk about boys
[x] I love to have other people do my hair.
[x] I like to give and receive hugs from all my friends.
[ ] I hate bugs.
[x]carnivals are so fun!
[ ]summer is THE best season.
[x]My swimsuit has 2 pieces.
[ ]I'm waiting for my knight in shining armor.
[ ]Musicians are hot.
[ ] You write me a poem and tell me I'm beautiful and I'm all yours.


[x]I'm self-conscious.
[x]I cry often.
[ ] My room smells like vanilla.
[ ]My dishes get washed more then once a week.
[x] I don't do sports
[x]I HATE to run.
[x]I squeal when I am surprised
[ ] I eat dried fruit as a snack.
[x]love romance novels.
[ ]Drew Barrymore is so pretty.


[ ] I dance a lot.
[ ] usually spend over an hour to get ready to leave my house.
[ ] My hair is really important.
[ ] I love to get dressed up.
[ ] Every part of my outfit needs to match
[ ] I talk on the phone at least once a day to my friends.
[ ] I'd love to have a photo shoot of myself.
[ ] The price on clothes hardly matters.
[ ] I apply lipgloss 50 times a day.
[ ]I wish I were a model.


[ ]I wish I could meet Paris Hilton
[ ] R&B is the best music.
[ ] I pop my collar.
[ ] Guys with Mohawks are GROSS!
[x] Horses are beautiful
[ ] I never pay attention in school.


[ ] I write my own music.
[ ]I would love to visit Hawaii
[ ] Valentines day is so cute!
[x] I wouldn't be caught dead in all black.
[ ] My closet is STOCK FULL of clothes.
[ ] I hate the grunge look of a beard.
[ ] I love to read magazines.


[ ]I love to gossip.
[x] had Lisa Frank folders, posters as a kid.
[ ] I love Celine Dion.
[ ] My baths are 2 hours long.
[ ] My wedding only needs a groom because it's already planned.
[ ] My friends and I are in a strict group.
[x]I like kids.
[ ] Diet drinks are the best.
[ ] I have been a vegetarian.
[ ] i refuse to eat at Mc Donald's


[x] i check my facebook everyday.
[ ]I have a lot of jewelry
[ ] Claire's has cheap jewelry.
[ ] My screen names has x's in them.
[ ]Either one of my msn names has/had <3/♥'s in them.
[ ]I would never want to be the opposite sex.
[ ] I have more than 3 pillows on my bed


Monday, October 13, 2008


Today I came across this quote at one of my blog-haunts:

Abide in the home of the divine and fatherly goodness of God like His child
who knows nothing, does nothing right, makes a mess of everything, but
nevertheless lives always in His benevolence, confident of His love.

I've read this quote before, and was just thinking earlier today that I would have to look it up to see who said it.

Guess who said it? St. Peter Julian Eymard.

You probably don't even know who that is, but he happens to be the Servants' household saint. PJ, as we call him, came through right when I needed him today.

God is good.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Multi-dimensional buckets

My mother has asked for an explanation of the six-dimensional bucket, and since I tend to do what my mother says (usually...) I hereby shall explain it:

On Thursday night Scott and I were sitting in the TES common room doing nothing in particular and he says, "I love you" (because he does that) and then adds, "And I love that you love me," or something to that effect.

After saying "I love you too" (because I do that) I pondered a moment and then said that I think I loved him just as much before I knew that he loved me. I explained it thus: "Imagine you have a bucket. It's not so much that the bucket got more full as it became a four-dimensional bucket." In other words, realizing that he loved me didn't make me love him more, it just added a new dimension.

So Scott promptly declared, "I love you enough to fill a five-dimensional bucket." I laughed, and he explained all five dimensions, and we sat around doing nothing in particular for a while longer.

As he was walking me back to my dorm we were talking about children and he abruptly declared, "I love you enough to fill a six-dimensional bucket." Below I will produce the final list of the six dimensions of Scott's love for me:

1. I am created in the image and likeness of God.
2. I partake in the life of grace.
3. I am a unique person.
4. I love him.
5. I'm beautiful.
6. I love children. (this would probably be higher than Number 5, but it's an addition to the original list so I put it last)

There you have it. If you still don't get it, that's okay. It's just another reason why I'm dating Scott and you're not.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I've been reading the Old Testament a lot...

Last night I must have been snoozing in an odd position because when I woke up this morning my neck was rather sore.

As I was brushing my hair and noticing the fact that tilting my head a particular way makes me go "Ow", I thought to myself, "Truly, I am a stiff-necked person."

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy happy happy

First, a quote of the day:

"I love you enough to fill a six-dimensional bucket."

You can probably guess who said that, although if you guess its meaning you're exceptionally clever. (Or crazy, take your pick.)



*bounce, bounce, bounce*

I'm too happy to be coherent about it. She's been a "groupie" since before I intented, and I was resigned to having her never intent...AND THEN SHE DID!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Well, that was exciting

How to wake yourself up from the studying-for-midterms haze:

Have a fire drill. The sirens go off, the lights flash, you stand in the cold and rain for 10 minutes until the RAs and security people let you back in...and you are very thoroughly awake afterwards.

Friday, October 3, 2008


As I posted yesterday, Scott got inducted into Tantum Ergo Sacramentum on Wednesday night. I can't comment on the induction process because I don't know anything about it. Scott knows, but can't tell. Apparently anyone who talks about the induction to non-members is anathematized. However, the senior members of TES did say that if and when any of their members marry they could tell such household secrets to their wife, because after all your wife is of one flesh with you. The way they figure it, the wedding night is her induction process and after that she has all the rights of a member, which would include knowing about how standard inductions work.

This conversation was had in the car on the way to the post-induction party, which was held at a restaurant. I was the only Servant there; the other Servants must have figured that attending Thursday night's party would be sufficient in celebrating Scott's induction. There was food and drinks (non-alcoholic for those of us not of legal age) and much silliness. TES is like that.

I got back to my dorm at about 1 am and went to bed around 2 am. Then I got up at 6 am to go to Mass, because I'm crazy like that. I did manage to get a short nap before my 11 am class, which was good because I had another late night ahead of me.

As the Servants began our household rosary last night, our coordinator prayed for several things, but lastly, "For Annie and Kristin, because they're not stupid so they know what's going on." Yep, we inducted two of our Little Servants last night. *happy squeal* I can't tell you about that induction process either. Our rule is you can tell a) your mother and b) your husband. I've never told anybody, because I don't have a husband and the topic's never come up between me and Mom. Also, this is only the second induction I've been at; the first one was my own and I was too excited to keep track of details.

After the new sisters were inducted we drove to the house of three TES members, which was all decorated for a party in honor of the three new inductees. There was food and drinks (again, alcohol only for those over 21) and very much silliness. We got back at 1 am again and I was in bed by 1:30. I slept in till 8 this morning, but I think I need a nap.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Those of you who read Scott's blog probably already know that he's been inducted to Tantum Ergo Sacramentum household. I'm very happy, but running on 4 hours of sleep due to the post-induction party, so I'll save my ability to formulate coherent sentences for the homework I need to do today.

*does little happy dance in chair*

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm not a genius, I just play one on the SAT

Yesterday while I was at work my cell phone chirped at me. I picked it up and its little screen unhappily announced that it had had to disconnect because there were only 23 cents left in my account.

Disconnect from what? I thought cleverly.

I'm still not sure what my cell phone was calling for 3 1/2 hours, but the end result was that my account was entirely depleted, rendering my cell phone non-functional. (I'm on a 25-cent-per-minute pay-as-you-go plan).

This morning I recharged it, and then spent an inordinately long time pushing buttons trying to figure out how to lock my keypad, because I'm fairly sure that my cell phone's buttons simply got bumped while it was riding around in my pocket.

I finally did figure out how to lock the keypad, so hopefully I won't lose $50 in minutes again. While I was at it I figured out how to put my phone on vibrate mode, after spending several months complaining that it doesn't have a vibrate mode.

This whole incident is getting filed under "Just because I'm in the 99th percentile doesn't mean I'm smart".

Midterms Approach

This semester my 16 credit hours include two theology classes and an Honors seminar on the Church Fathers. So I've been spending the majority of the time with my nose stuck in the Bible. There are certainly worse places to stick your nose, but it doesn't leave me a lot of free time.

With several major tests or assignments in the next three weeks, I've decided to take a sabbatical from Things Aloft until the end of October. If you could spare a few prayers that I not get overwhelmed, I'd appreciate it.

Only at the TES table... you have two people spontaneously start chanting in Greek and the other two join the chant in Latin.