Friday, October 3, 2008


As I posted yesterday, Scott got inducted into Tantum Ergo Sacramentum on Wednesday night. I can't comment on the induction process because I don't know anything about it. Scott knows, but can't tell. Apparently anyone who talks about the induction to non-members is anathematized. However, the senior members of TES did say that if and when any of their members marry they could tell such household secrets to their wife, because after all your wife is of one flesh with you. The way they figure it, the wedding night is her induction process and after that she has all the rights of a member, which would include knowing about how standard inductions work.

This conversation was had in the car on the way to the post-induction party, which was held at a restaurant. I was the only Servant there; the other Servants must have figured that attending Thursday night's party would be sufficient in celebrating Scott's induction. There was food and drinks (non-alcoholic for those of us not of legal age) and much silliness. TES is like that.

I got back to my dorm at about 1 am and went to bed around 2 am. Then I got up at 6 am to go to Mass, because I'm crazy like that. I did manage to get a short nap before my 11 am class, which was good because I had another late night ahead of me.

As the Servants began our household rosary last night, our coordinator prayed for several things, but lastly, "For Annie and Kristin, because they're not stupid so they know what's going on." Yep, we inducted two of our Little Servants last night. *happy squeal* I can't tell you about that induction process either. Our rule is you can tell a) your mother and b) your husband. I've never told anybody, because I don't have a husband and the topic's never come up between me and Mom. Also, this is only the second induction I've been at; the first one was my own and I was too excited to keep track of details.

After the new sisters were inducted we drove to the house of three TES members, which was all decorated for a party in honor of the three new inductees. There was food and drinks (again, alcohol only for those over 21) and very much silliness. We got back at 1 am again and I was in bed by 1:30. I slept in till 8 this morning, but I think I need a nap.

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