Monday, November 3, 2008

I find this vastly amusing

Yesterday morning, while I was still at home, I had a very interesting conversation with the Princess.

First, a bit of context: On my laptop screen I have a collage of four pictures: one of the Greek Geek and the Captain, one of Mari and Ambrose, one of the Princess, and one of Scott.

Yesterday morning I was getting ready to check my email when the Princess wandered over, pointed at my screen, and said, "May."

(If you've forgotten, May is her rendition of Megan.)

Thinking that perhaps she was saying "me" and pointing to her own picture, I said, "Yes, that's [her name]."

"May," she repeated, pointing to a different place.

"No, I'm not on here anywhere. That's Scott."

Now I was on the right track. She pointed directly at Scott's picture and emphatically declared, "May."

At that point, I suddenly realized why we've had no success in getting her to say "Scott," in spite of the fact that she's able to recognize him. In her little two-year-old brain, this person everyone else calls Scott is simply an extension of May.

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Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

It could be not so much that I'm an extension as that I'm in the same picture on Facebook you used to teach her "May".