Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bless you

Last week when I was at home for Thanksgiving, I happened to sneeze. The Princess, wandering by, chirped, "Bless you!"

Naturally, I melted into a puddle at the cuteness. A little later, I reflected that the blessing of a two-year-old has got to be one of the purest blessings there is. There is absolutely nothing between her and God.

True, she probably doesn't really know what she's saying (although she understands more than you might give her credit for, so maybe she does after all...) but then again do we (all-wise grown-ups that we are) really know what we're saying? When somebody sneezes and you say "Bless you," do you ever think about the fact that you are calling down the graces of Almighty God upon them?

Words are pretty powerful things.

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