Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Morgan: "Do you want a Protestant Bible?"

Me: "No."

Morgan: "Do you know any Protestants?"

Me: "I know lots of Protestants. I'm related to lots of Protestants."

Morgan: "Do any of them want a Bible?"

Me: "I think they all have Bibles."

Morgan: "That's the problem with Protestants."

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Dernhelm said...

Allow me to take this moment for a small rant, on the topic of Protestant bibles. I own one, because it seems to be the only kind of bible which I could easily find and purchase for myself. Because, DESPITE the fact that for my confirmation at the ripe old age of 15, I constantly bothered friends and family for a Catholic bible and catechism, NO -- I got dumb religious jewelry. Not that jewelry isn't nice, or that I didn't appreciate their kindness. However, it isn't exactly going to give me the solid Logos and dogmas of the Church.

Then, behond, Paul is confirmed, at happy little age of 12. He gets a Bible AND a catechism.

At your average bookstore, the student like me can find neither.

I feel spiritually underpriveleged, lol.