Friday, January 16, 2009


At my first Principles of Biblical Studies II class of the semester, the professor made a point that struck me deeply:

If God cannot communicate with us through the reality that we see, then none of this is true. We might as well all walk out and cease to be Christians, if that one thing is not true.

Once, I was working on the crew in the TV studio we have in the basement of one of the classroom buildings. One of the panelists (who is now my professor for Theology of the Church, interestingly enough) said that so many of us fall into thinking, "And the Word became paper."

The Bible is wonderful. I love the Bible. If I didn't love the Bible I certainly wouldn't have survived PBS I (or, Let's read the whole Old Testament in four months just because we can!). But we do not read upon its pages that the Word became paper. We read that the word became flesh.

In PBS II, the professor read the Greek of the first chapter of John, and translated it literally for us.

The Word became flesh, and set up his tent among us.

As I touched upon in my post about the rules of the game, He was a real human being. He was really truly here, in the world we see and hear and touch. The Almighty God of the Universe got dirt under His fingernails. The Almighty God of the Universe had fingernails.

That never ceases to amaze me.

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