Saturday, February 7, 2009


For the last month, she's wandered into the room at the top of the stairs and looked around.

"Megan? Megan?"

"She's at school."

The next day:

"Megan? Megan?"

"She's at school. For a long time."


"We're going to go get Megan in two days!"

"Megan! Megan!"


The van is being cleaned out.

She puts her coat on. "Go?"


They arrive on campus, and I walk out to the van. She grins hugely.

"Megan megan megan megan..."

I get in the van and put my hand over the edge of her carseat. She rubs my fingers. Then she strokes my arm. That is not enough to express the extent of her affection, so she takes my hand and presses it against her face, rubbing her cheek against my palm.

"Megan megan megan..."

We are home. She curls up on Mom and Dad's bed, snuggling into her blanket. I flop down next to her and drape my arm over her body. Dad sits down next to us.

"Go," she says, shooing with her hand.

"Go where?" he asks.

"She has Megan, she doesn't need us," Mom responds.

It's 4:30 in the morning. I hear her crying, and my feet are on the floor before my brain consciously registers the noise. I take the 3 or 4 strides across the hall to her bed.

"I'm here, baby."

She stops crying. "Megan."

All is well with the world.


Theocentrica said...

Does she cry often?

The Sojourner said...

Not often, if I remember correctly from Christmas break. This weekend she was just overtired from having spent 10 hours in the car Friday.

Interestingly, even though we are right across the hall from each other and I leave my door open, sometimes I sleep through her waking in the night. Perhaps my subconscious could tell that she wanted me and not Mom. (Which was definitely the case; I left off the part where I tried to go plop her on my parents' bed and she fussed and followed me back to my room.)

Theocentrica said...

*sigh* that's so precious...
I'm afraid I had rather unconventional ways of displaying affection, as a child. A large majority of them involved slingshots and marbles, but if you'd'a' looked inside my heart, you would've understood how warm and fuzzy I really felt.