Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've been saying this stuff for months...

...but it didn't occur to me to write to the Troub about it.

Check out this letter to the editor by my friend and coworker, Melanie. I agree wholeheartedly with her.


Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Anyone who thinks that the free, open country of Ohio is characterized like industrial Steubenville flew in through the Pittsburgh airport and has no right to their opinion (yes, I am no fan of Pittsburgh). And sub-zero temperatures? We don't get enough of those to have decent snow in winter (yes, I am a biased Iowa-born Ohioan)!

Em said...

I have to say that I find it so interesting that Ohio people are so severe on their own state. I feel like my criticisms/ praise have a little more support since I lived outside the state, but I've also been a tried-and-true resident of her for several years now as well. Ohio isn't by any means anything stand-outish among the states, but she isn't deserving of the abasement she usually gets. I miss the "beautiful" northwest, but I think Ohio is EASILY as "beautiful" in a different way. Mountains and expansive evergreen forests might evoke a "other-worldly" sense, but Ohio evokes a very "basic Earth is beautiful" feeling, in my mind. The fields, the muddy rivers, the copses and little hills -- there is something very tangible and pastoral and soothing. It's the fields of Maximus, the simple and joyful life.

And even Steubenville doesn't seem THAT awful to me. Granted, I've only visited, but I actually really like it... I cannot impress upon you how much it reminds me of the town back where I was born. And I MISS that town, clouded up with smog and street people. The grass is always greeneron the other side, tho, I suppose.