Thursday, February 26, 2009


For some random reason, I just now decided I wanted to see the pics Scott sent me once of the time Ambrose and Mari visited Steubenville. (I was there, a few buildings away from them the entire day and a few weeks away from becoming friends with leaves me with a weird feeling of having brushed fate and not known it.)

First of all, I had a bit of nostalgic love for Scott's old sandals (there is one picture wherin you can see their feet). The poor things were falling apart, but oh how I loved them. I don't think I saw Scott in anything other than them until the first time we went to Mass together. Presumably he was wearing nice shoes at the Scanlan Scholarship, but everyone was wearing nice shoes there so I didn't notice to remember.

In the same obscure little folder (I really must relocate these to "My Pictures") there are a few pictures of me when I was younger. I suppose I showed them to Scott because I felt like I ought to give him something in exchange for all the photos he sent me. Also, because I wanted to hear him say he thought I was pretty when I was thirteen. He's blind, my dear little bat is, but what girl doesn't like to be told she was pretty when she was a gangly, poor-complexioned teenager? (In case you're curious, I'm beautiful now. Or so I've been told.)

There are a couple of pictures of me on my thirteenth birthday, one a candid shot in which I am looking happy (I got BOOKS) and one in which I am gazing seriously and composedly at the camera while wearing a ribbon on my head.

There are a couple other pictures of me at around the same age: one taken at the zoo (probably the Cincinnati zoo...we have previously discussed how interesting it was that we went to some of the same places and ran in some of the same circles when we were younger but didn't meet until Franciscan brought us together) in which my sister and I look mysterious and solemn, and one during my Confirmation (Feb. '03) in which I look fuzzy and prayerful. (The fuzzy was the camera's fault.)

Then there is another from April '04 in which I am wearing the same dress and grinning hugely because that was Dad's Confirmation. (I called that dress my Confirmation dress for a long time after. I think Emily has it now; I've gotten somewhat bigger since I was 14.)

One thing that Scott remarked on is that I don't really look that different than I did six years ago. When I was thirteen I was recognizably me--my hair was somewhat blonder and I was thinner (there was a brief period when I grew so fast that I got thin), but you can tell it's me. By the time I reached 14 1/2 my hair had gotten a bit darker and my face rounder, such that Scott wondered if he could say that I look not even fifteen. (I don't think I ever answered him, but I really don't look fourteen and didn't even when I was; a few months later when I was barely fifteen I had someone guess that I was twenty. So, I look like someone in her early twenties, I suppose, which is getting more accurate as the years go on...)


Theocentrica said...

You are lovely. Especially your eyes. And one of the first things Scott told me about you was that you looked like an empress (yes, you did). And he was right. ^_^

I have looked recognizably the same since I was an infant. I used to be such a cheeky little devil- I need to upload some pictures, one of these days...

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

What's this about complexion? Complexion's affect on prettiness/beauty is a complete myth. Really, it is. There is no reason why the tones of one's skin and hair colors and/or the pattern of any variance in them are inherently detracting. I don't know who came up with such an idea, but if it was a women then she ought to be pitied and if it was a man then he ought to be hanged.

Em said...

You know, I hadn't thought of it before, but you do look a bit older than you really are... perhaps this is why I feel almost absolutely no age-difference distinction between us. I also find that amusing, because I used to get called about 4 years older than I really was... and now people think I'm about 2-3 years younger. Hmmm, very peculiar, this age thing.