Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Philosophy and Love

When I started this blog, I said that I wasn't going to post much personal stuff, and I maintain that resolve. I don't do posts here about the day-to-day things that happen in my family or in my relationship with the Cobbler. Some other, deeply personal things I don't post even on my private blog.

But that doesn't mean this blog is going to be all intellect, all the time. Nor does it mean that I'm going to act as if I'm not a young woman, and a young woman in love no less. I'm a Platonist in many, many ways, but I'm a Christian first. As such I believe that incarnation is an essential aspect of the human condition. God made us in the body and pronounced it good. I'm working out my holiness as a rational creature, yes, but also as an embodied creature.

I don't understand love; God knows I'm going blind here. A year and a half ago, probably even a year ago, I would have dismissed romantic love as silly and irrational. Now, though, I tend to agree with this bit of wisdom posted a little less than a year ago:

True love is madness but is not irrational. It is madness because it stands up
against every "reason" for despair in this world, because it defies every
apparent difficulty, because it gives a cheerfulness that doesn't depend on any
of the usual conditions for happiness, etc. Its very strength, however, lies in
the spiritual truth of it.

There is truth here, in love, no matter how irrational it may seem. And seeking truth is my business.

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