Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sometimes my crazy analogies are useful

Me: "The problem is, after midnight I start losing my ability to speak English."

Scott: "The times I've talked to you after midnight, your English seems fine, except you're always repeating this one sentence about needing to go to sleep."

Me: "So other than my odd fixation with that particular phrase, I'm perfectly coherent?"

Scott: "Yes."

Me: "Well, it doesn't feel coherent in my brain. It's know when you have a glass of ice water, and you want the ice cube but you don't want to just reach in there with your hand and grab it and it takes forever to get it out...that's what it's like in my brain after midnight. The words are floating around in my brain but whenever I try to get one it floats over to the other side and it takes forever to catch enough to string together into a sentence."

Scott: "Oh. That's what it's like in my brain all the time."

Me: "Wow, no wonder you don't talk much. That's hard work."

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