Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I really don't understand sports

Me: "Which is more important, AA or A?"

Sports Editor: "AA. The more As, the more important it is."

Me: "So it's not like batteries where AAs are smaller?"


Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

I dunno, generally more As is better; the batteries struck me as the exception to the rule when I first learned their design (not that I had much experience of the world at the time, being... what, six or something like that?).

Faith Ann said...

Yeah but don't you use batteries with more A's for higher-tech type stuff? D's, they're for flashlights!

The Sojourner said...


Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

That's something that I hadn't thought about, the smaller batteries really are about the same only smaller, and often that's of some level of importance. More As for more efficiency?

Theocentrica said...

A for Efficiency.
Now there's some sense for you.