Monday, March 16, 2009

My apologies

Well, dear readers, I managed to maintain some semblance of a posting schedule over a truly horrible midterm "week" (3 weeks, really) but now that I am on Spring Break I find that I am neglecting the blog.

I have had only very limited internet access of late, however. I spent Saturday and Sunday with the Cobbler's family, and so didn't check my email at all. They keep me busy. (Appearance-of-scandal note: I slept in his little sister's room. Just in case you're curious.)

Then this morning my computer announced that it was not feeling well, and until my dad can eliminate the virus I am computerless--I'm currently typing this on my mom's computer. So, I will be back to regular posting next week. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Feast of St. Joseph, etc...

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