Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My vocabulary amuses people

During Honors yesterday:

Me, trying to make a point: "Now, you haven't read the Chronicles of Narnia, have you?"

Dr. G: "No, I haven't."

Me, with feeling: "Alas!"

And everyone laughed.


Em said...

I love the word "alas." It conveys such a great sense of disappointment/ distress/ sadness... and it is just fun to say. :)

Why were you talking about Narnia though? I am curious.

The Sojourner said...

We were discussing time in Purgatory (we're reading the Divine Comedy presently), and I was trying to say that maybe they have some sort of time but it doesn't necessarily correspond to time on earth. I used Narnia time to make the point, but it would have been more pointed of a point if I hadn't had to spend a minute explaining Narnia time first.
(After I explained it, Dr. G said, "Oh, now the movie makes so much more sense!")