Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sometimes you just have to laugh

Some time ago I posted a list of six quirks. My sixth quirk was that I wear a lot of blue.

Seriously. I wear a lot of blue.

When I went on the March for Life, Mari said that she was able to find me because she knew I would be wearing blue. (I was. Then again, our official Franciscan March for Life t-shirts seem to generally be light blue; perhaps because it is a color that is liked by both boys and girls.)

The Princess, not even 2 1/2 years old, has already figured out that blue=Megan. Seriously. When Mom asks her to name her colors: "Ornee. Yeyow. Megan!" Apparently it has gotten to the point where if she sees someone in a light blue shirt she gets all excited because she thinks it's me.

Someday, one of my kids is going to wander off in the grocery store and they will know what their mommy is wearing. So there.

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Theocentrica said...

And they will knock over a display of ketchup on you.
And you will be red.
And they will not recognize you, and run away.

h'm, the word verification is "sertful"... I wonder what it means, to sert someone, or to say something sertful... And last time, it was tormenti. You seem to have a vindictive verificator. I wonder what happened to it, in its childhood. *muses*