Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Facebook ads are weird

I know, I should just ignore them. Normally I do, but sometimes they are just too off-the-wall.

For instance, several months ago I noticed that I started getting birth control ads. A lot. I guess that's what you get for having "female" and "in a relationship" in your info.

That went on for 3 or 4 months--the same ad, popping up every few days.

Then Facebook must have noticed that I wasn't clicking the bc ads, because it started giving me ads for pregnancy resource type things. Earlier today I had an ad for Planned Parenthood show up.

I was somewhat amused by the sequence (Facebook is trying real hard to generate revenue for itself), but now I am just annoyed. Anybody know a good way to block ads?

Somewhat tangential to this little series--today I twice got a "Think you'll be getting engaged soon?" ad. Okay, that's harmless enough. I've been "in a relationship" continuously for more than a year. Maybe Facebook's genius computers are starting to think it's time for a more permanent commitment.

Well, the ad itself was for an "engagement makeover"--so you can look good, apparently, when your boyfriend proposes.


What, precisely, is the purpose of an engagement makeover? I just don't understand it. Really, I'm sitting here trying to think of some kind of scathing social commentary on it and I've got nothing. It boggles my little mind.

Note to self: Stop reading the ads. Really. Just stop.


Shakespeare's Cobbler said...


Becky D. said...

Megan, I never thought about those ads but what you say makes sense. I must be considered too old for your type ads but I get the Hollywood secret to reducing wrinkles ad look 20 instead of 40 constantly. Facebook obviously doesn't realize my oily skin isssues. Obviously your religous preference is not factored into the ads you get.

Theocentrica said...

Last semester when I lost 15 pounds to college food, the ads kept telling me to eat açaí berries and lose more. Açaí berries? Who do I look like, Robinson Crusoe? Thank goodness it's almost Friday...

An engagement makeover is symbolic of the extent that you're willing to reform yourself for the other person.

/end cynical comment of the day

Em said...

You can block them, I think, if you click on the little "thumbs up/ down" icon by it, and tell it to stop showing that ad for you. Of course, you have to do this for each new crazy one, but at least it sends the message that you don't want them.

Becky D. said...

This morning's ads
50th Birthday Celebrations (Facebook your math is OFF I will be 43 this year even David has a few years to go before 50)
Weight loss surgery (Do I look that bad in the photos?)
Baby Showers (Maybe they're sending me ads related to Megan's)
I hadn't noticed them that much before you drew my attention to them Megan.

Love, Mom