Monday, April 20, 2009


The latest at xkcd reminded me of a funny story that I sometimes tell people. I thought I'd put it up here so you all can have the pleasure of saying, "Megan, we know that story already" the very first time I tell it. (Usually people only get to say that after I've told a story five or six times.)

Once upon a time I could not sleep. My mother, being rather inclined to sleep herself rather than amuse a youngish child, told me to go and count sheep.

Some time later I returned, declaring that counting sheep had been ineffective.

"You see, I was imagining it, and there was this little fence and the sheep jumping over it, and I thought, 'Why is the fence low enough for them to jump over? That's not a very good fence. Maybe the fence is broken, and that is why they are all jumping over that one spot. The poor farmer; all his sheep are escaping and he will lose his livelihood. He'll probably have to sell the farm. Maybe the farm has been in his family for generations...' "

After that my mom just told me to lay in bed with my eyes closed and stay there until morning.

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